It is safe to say that at 33-years of age and my biggest race to date being a go-kart competition when I was 8 that Formula One may have passed me by.

However, that is not to say my racing dream is over, after all, five-time Formula One World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio did not start his F1 career until his 40th year and Sir Stirling Moss up until a few years ago was still driving cars up the famous Goodwood Hill at over 80.

It just means that perhaps my attention may have to be turned from racing next to Lewis Hamilton to mixing it with the best on the amateur circuit.

And do not think for a minute it is any less thrilling!!

Club racing in the UK is hugely popular with its backbone the British Racing and Sports Car Club (BRSCC).

The BRSCC has a rich history and were known as the 500 Club upon formation in Bristol in 1946.

This is because the small club at the time promoted a racing series with 500cc single seater cars which would later become known as Formula Three.

Due to the popularity of BRSCC events, the club quickly gained a following and has expanded to vast proportions over the last 70-years.

So much so in fact that the BRSCC now organises over forty track events for a range of a class of cars and manufacturers including, BMW, Caterham, and Porsche and a number are high profile not just in the UK but across Europe too and include: –

  • British GT Championship
  • Dunlop TVR Challenge
  • Ford F4 British Championship

The BRSCC is good news for people like me as it enables a way into semi-professional racing without the need of millions in the bank and complete dedication meaning I can keep my day job but still enjoy the thrill of hard, competitive racing on the undercard of some of the aforementioned events.

That can mean big crowds and great exposure for a brand and one of the reasons we went to visit Jamie at Moores Motors who is also the owner of Moore’s Motorsport.

Jamie runs a number of cars in amateur events up and down the country including Britcar and the new Ford Ka endurance challenge.

Anyone can join Jamie in driving one of his cars on track in a race environment with a fully kitted out race car and team to back you up with years of experience.

Jamie kindly invited us to have a look at his cars and allowed us a sneak peek inside the cockpit of his Audi S3 race car which is due to hit the track later this year.

Check out the full Virtual Tour of the S3 below and for enquiries into acquiring a race seat with Moore’s Motorsport, give him a shout on 01183 283331 or visit his website HERE.

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