After 12-hours of tired eyes, never-ending camaraderie, and thrilling motorsport action, it came down to just 16.297 seconds.

That was all that separated the top three in the second ever EnduroKA outing.

In the end, it was Kool Airunnings who took the chequered flag from Burton Power Racing and Piston Heads to win the inaugural 12 Heures du Norfolk after 12hrs 55s, but the truth is, that only told a fraction of story…

And so it begins

The alarm goes, its 6:15am on Sunday the 16th June – Father’s Day.

Normally, I wouldn’t be up and such a daft hour on a weekend, but today is no ordinary day. Today is the 12 Heure du Norfolk and I want to get trackside ready to start filming as soon as possible.

On the way in I spy to MSV vehicles in front of us in convoy and the realisation of how long the day is going to be for everyone sinks in.

EnduroKA Live stream
We are LIVE

After media sign in and a coffee, its time for a last-minute equipment check and head to the pitlane – time flies when your having fun and despite arriving at the track at 8am, I find myself losing complete track of time to discover we are less than 20 minutes from lights out already.

Race start

9:10 was the official start time and stood at the end of the pitlane we are in prime position and already streaming live.

EnduroKA race start Snetterton
9:10 am and its lights out

As the course car pulls in and pole sitters I P Racing lead the field down the main straight having qualified on pole for the second straight EnduroKA race.

Piston Heads are second with Track-club racing, third, Kool Airunnings fourth and Peak Performance Reviews in fifth.

With the cars safely away, we make our way through the paddock to catch up with some of the teams including Moores Motors who were running the Three in a Pink car, KAstrol, and Octane Junkies.

Just like at Donnington Park, everyone has a smile on their face and is ready for the lengthy day ahead in fine spirits, 12 hours is a long time and anything can happen.

Roll over

But then we hear over the commentary that one of the cars has gone over.

The bright yellow livery of the 107 Racing car is on its roof, I manage to catch up with the team and am thankfully told that driver Neale Hurren is unhurt and chatting to marshals.

EnduroKA 107 racing
107 Racing with a case of vertigo

A sigh of relief goes around the paddock and I sneak off for a little look of the 107 racer.

Despite, rolling, it is still in one piece but looks like being one hell of a repair job, that is the end of their day then…

…or is it?

The hours tick by and we make sure we chat to everyone as we go, unfortunately we lose the Octane Junkies car and Track-Club KA but both teams are still in fine spirits and vow to be back at Oulton Park.

It means 22 of the 25 starters are still out on track 100 laps in, with a host of teams enjoying spells near the sharp end of the action.

We catch up with more of the teams: Stratton MacKay from CHR motorsport sponsored by Motex, the Piston Heads team, Shine Automotive, and stop by our good friends at Graves motorsport.

Graves Motorsport

And then a cheer goes up across the paddock as the battered and bruised 107 racing car somehow remerges back onto the track.

No windows, quite a few dents but everyone up and down the pitlane shares in the joy with the good-natured happy atmosphere of the paddock never clearer to see.

The sun starts to descend

The warm air begins to cool as the final few hours of the race draws in.

We have been lucky weather-wise too, the forecast for Snetterton was 82% chance of rain from the morning but bar two short downpours, the track has remained dry.

With the 107 racing car back out it means 23 of the 25 starters are on track and we head back out to chat to some more of the teams.

There a few weary faces but Peak Performance Reviews offer us an Oreo biscuit to keep us going, we have a chat to Colin Philpot from Powerbell services, nip down to Team Cheetah, Frost Racing, NMD Motorsport, LDR Performance, 22GT Racing, Club Racing UK, Team Buy Any Car UK and SuperKa Racing.

Peak Performance Reviews

We also pop up to the commentary box for a second time to chat to Mark, Chris and Dan and get our walking boots on to make sure the viewers can see some of the racing action from various angles.

A fitting end

And then, after nearly 12 hours we have a final shootout between Kool Airunnings, Burton Power Racing and Piston Heads.

All three are on the lead lap with just under 30 minutes to go.

We place ourselves on the light’s gantry for a prime view and watch the cars and timing sheet with intense concentration whilst commentating on the action.

EnduroKA Piston Heads and Team Cheetah
Piston Heads ahead of Team Cheetah

The gap between Donnington Park race winners Burton Power and leaders Kool Airunnings is just 3 seconds and there is a lot of love for the latter on our social media feed.

Piston Heads are about 30 seconds back but currently running faster than the two in front (although Frugal Racing held the fastest lap of the race pretty much all day).

But alas, time just runs out for Piston Heads and with ten laps to go, the gap between the top two spreads to around nine seconds.

And there the gap stays until the end as Kool Airunnings take the chequered flag right in front of our eyes to celebratory scenes along the pit wall.

EnduroKA Kool Airunnings
Car number 20 Kool Airunnings

The podium celebrations go off with bang and 107 Racing receive a deserved standing ovation from all the teams, drivers and marshals as they collect the coveted Dagenham Dustbin award.

At 9:10 am on Sunday the 16th June 2019, 25 Ford KA’s set off on a 12-hour endurance race.

Many expected there to be plenty of retirements.

Instead, at 21:10 pm, 23 cars parked along the pits having completed the most epic of races.

What more can you say?

Does it get better than that?

I think not.

EnduroKA round two Snetterton
Watch the highlight teaser trailer here

Role on Oulton Park.

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