Automotive Lead Generation

Responsive Automotive Marketing Program

How many ways to market does your marketing spend have?

Are all your eggs in one basket?

No idea what your Marketing Expense-To-Sales Ratio is?

Trapped in your marketing?

Or, you do know but you want to drive the cost down and gain measurable results?

Then its time to generate consistent leads into your business with MySuperCar’s Responsive Automotive Marketing Program (R.A.M.P).

Designed to feed new, qualified leads straight to you whilst personalised communication with existing customers with content that is visual and exciting.

R.A.M.P is not here to replace what you do already, rather adapt your marketing structure to incorporate more angles to get your stock to market.

after all, why wait for the customer to come to you when you can go get them without leaving your forecourt?

Six months of research, years of digital marketing experience and automotive expertise highlighted a number of issues car dealers face when attracting new customers and RAMP covers them all.

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