I didn’t realise until I was trackside that last Sunday was the last time this year that cars would be driven around Cadwell Park in race conditions.

Roll on next year then, but for now, I must say thank you for a wonderful year Cadwell Park.

Yes, it may be about a million miles away from anywhere and that Louth to Boston Road feels as if it goes on forever, but if there is ever a circuit that enables spectators to get intensely close to the action, the Cadwell Park in the Lincolnshire Wolds is it.

116 Trophy at Cadwell Park

And if you need evidence of this, then my day filming and presenting round five of the Gaz Shocks 116 Trophy should appease any pessimistic reader.

Race day

Rocking up at Cadwell on Sunday one word aptly describes the conditions – wet.

I happily announce this in the opening broadcast whilst getting a soaking myself, but I remain in high spirits because a day with the Gaz Shocks 116 Trophy teams, drivers and of course the man himself Mark Bate, means a day of fun, engagement and access all areas content.

There is no restrictions with the 116 Trophy boys, they let me go anywhere and pretty much do anything!

Anthony Seddon was kind enough to let me interview series organiser Mark Bate in the back of his plush minivan complete with atmospheric purple lighting – it was cosy, perhaps a little too cosy – sort of like a Las Vegas after-hours club (or so a friend tells me!).

Anyway, enough of that!

Qualifying was a thoroughly entertaining affair and Anthony Seddon and his teammate Alan Corfield were rewarded for their generosity to me by guiding their BMW 116 to pole with a truly mesmerising time of 2:03.871.

116 Trophy Anthony Seddon
Pole position

To put that into contrast, serial 116 Trophy race winner Bobby Trundley qualified in second with a time of 2:05.857 – yes, just a tad shy of two seconds!

Ben Sharpe and Jeremy Banks ended qualifying in a remarkable third despite having only built the car in the last five weeks!

A walk around the paddock led me to putting my foot in it by revealing something I shouldn’t have with Bobby (I’ll let him explain that one), plenty of banter with Matty Street and a bucket load of fun with Forty40 Racing and the Amigo Racing boys.

It was also time to plug a few sponsors and Chris Jackson happily obliged to explain how we simply couldn’t do it without all the sponsorship (thank you to all the sponsors involved, it really means a lot).

And so, to the race.

Lights out

The 116 Trophy 1.5-hour race had the honour of being the final race of the day which also meant it was the last car race at Cadwell Park in 2019 – and it didn’t disappoint.

116 trophy race

Located on the roof of the timekeepers building we had a prime view as Bobby Trundley snuck around the outside of the Seddon car at turn one.

Jeremy Banks making his debut in the series was a doing a fine job navigating his way through the tricky Cadwell turns whilst Ben Wilcox quietly went about making up places and was soon up to third.

Team Brit racer Bobby Trundley made a marginal error which allowed the Seddon car.

Then, it went a little crazy. Unfortunately, we lost Brands Hatch winners Paul Wighton and Lewis Wighton-Turner I believe to a clutch issue (hopefully you boys can clarify).

The pitlane was now open for the one mandatory pitstop and Bobby took advantage of the safety car and being a sole driver and dived to get his stop out of the way early.

Corfield/Seddon stayed out and as the safety car pulled in, it meant Bobby was looking strong despite dropping down the order due to his stop.

Shane and Andrew Roe were running well and threatening the upper order whilst John Cockburn was going under the radar and quietly going in the right direction.

As the race progressed, we sadly lost Chris Jackson’s car number 116 (what a great number) which led to another safety car period in which Seddon/Corfield dived into the pits.

However, that moved Bobby up into the lead with Ben Wilcox running in second and John Cockburn in third.

James Redish was putting in some devilish laps as was Andrew Tsang and Jason Dixon whilst Matty Street decided road racing wasn’t enough for him and took to the green stuff for a little bit before re-joining the track – safely of course.

And that was how it finished – Team Brit’s Bobby Trundley taking the chequered flag for his fourth win of the season with Ben Wilcox in second and John Cockburn in third.

116 Trophy
Ben Wilcox


And so, it came to a close, I was given the honour alongside Mark Bate of presenting the trophies and as I was doing by closeout broadcast, I was happily interrupted to be presented with my own bottle of champagne and a ruffle of my hair from Mark.

That marked the end of the standalone debut season of the Gaz Shocks 116 Trophy season and what a year it has been.

116 Trophy

Thrills, spills, and plenty of fun, I just want to say a huge personal thank you to everyone involved for making us feel so welcome.

We will see you next season guys – I can’t wait.

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