What is one of the best things about Sky TV’s Formula One coverage?

Here’s a clue, it doesn’t involve any racing at all………….

Martin Brundle’s grid walk has become the stuff of legends and often the highlight of the coverage with no script, no itinerary, just a bloke, a cameraman, and a mic left to their own devices.

And it works a treat.

Coupled with the race coverage and pitlane reporting, Sky really do a great job in gaining maximum exposure for teams, drivers and sponsors.

Further down the motorsport ladder the need for exposure only grows but the capabilities become less.

Until now that is.

We at MySuperCar have partnered with a number of passionate motorsport fans and media outlets to bring an F1 style media show to club level motorsport in the UK.

Live pitlane reporting, grid walks as well as race coverage at club level has never been more achievable.



In an age where being able to reach a large audience with the right content has never been easier, we are changing the game when it comes to motorsport media by giving your series the A-list status, it deserves.

Forget standard highlight footage, why not have everything and give your teams, drivers, sponsors, and the series the exposure they and you deserve.

However, there is one major difference to Formula One.

The cost.

Formula One may be well known as a millionaire’s playground but our media packages are more than cost effective and you may find you even save money on your current media deal.

It’s time to take club motorsport to the next level and reach new heights you never thought possible with new media ready for 2019.

Change the game and reach new heights.

Make an enquiry into booking us now ready for the 2019 season before it is too late in the form below.


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