MySuperCar is delighted to reveal the viewing figures for the live stream of the inaugural round of the EnduroKA series organised by MSV.

MySuperCar provided the live stream broadcast through 13-live videos across qualifying and the race with the action streamed through EnduroKA’s Facebook page which boasted just over 1000 likes at the beginning of the day.

The opening race took place at Donington Park and after five hours of fun endurance racing, Team Burton Power Racing emerged victorious with G & B F Inch Ltd coming home second and Piston Heads in third.

Shine Automotive took the coveted Dagenham Dustbin for the best presented Ka and Track Club racing took the fastest lap of 1:37.729.

Now the dust has settled, and the teams start preparing for the next round at Snetterton, MySuperCar can reveal the viewing figures taken on Sunday the 7th April…

So, how did we do it?

We streamed live through EnduroKA’s official Facebook page which had a following of just over 1000 people.

We went live a total of 13 times including interviews with the pole sitters, the live start of the race, numerous driver and team interviews, chequered flag, parc ferme and podium celebrations. 

Watch the live stream highlights reel right here: –

The figures above were pulled from MySuperCar’s 13 videos ONLY which make the results even more remarkable,

Over 11,500 people came into content with the brand new EnduroKA series through the live stream with nearly 6000 people watching the action alive across all 13 streams. 

Over 2500 people interacted with the series via, clicks, comments, shares, profile visits, etc which has seen EnduroKA grow their following thanks to the live broadcast.

Teams, drivers, and sponsors all gain exposure and being able to provide analytics only helps your teams pitch to potential sponsors.

The figures above have risen since with the footage was broadcasted live as it is still available to watch across EnduroKa’s Facebook and MySuperCar’s Youtube channel.

Club motorsport media has just changed, and the above figures prove that significant engagement and viewership can be achieved with this new way of reaching your audience.

Its time to get onboard with new media and expose your series to numbers of people you never thought possible.

We are taking bookings for the season so get in touch and let’s put your series in front of thousands of eyes.

Ian Waterhouse

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