Yes, I know the title sounds quite frightful (and I am not quite so sure I believe the number) but the fact remains if you are involved in automotive sales – especially used – then a steady flow of leads is the lifeblood of your dealership, otherwise the above is a possibility to your business.

There will be no Einstein award for writing that but after conducting extensive research in 2018 it seems this is one area that no one is doing anything about it with a large number of car dealerships thinking it will never happen to them.

Unfortunately, it might, as the general consensus seems to be as soon as a car comes into stock, a few pictures are taken and then it’s chucked up on a platform such as AutoTrader (other platforms are available) and then the expectation is the people will come to you.

Guess what – that isn’t enough anymore!

The research according to audit heavyweights KPMG, says up to half of UK car dealerships will close by 2025 and it could be you.

But why?

The simple answer is the shift to online is dramatically changing the face of automotive retail – particularly in the used car sector – that is essentially the findings of the KPMG report.

The good news is that the customer base will continue to be there, but the way cars are purchased has changed – and you need to as well.

There is one major problem though – A majority of used car dealers are crap when it comes to adopting online tactics to attract new customers or even retaining communication with existing ones.

I know this because in 2018 I conducted over 120 used car dealers via their website contact forms and guess what?

Only 7 came back to me.


Is this a joke? 🤣

Sadly, it’s not. 😭

I also know that already some of those dealerships have given their forecourts and gone to sell cars from home thus reducing their stock from 30 down to roughly 5 and taking a major hit on their potential earnings.

So, it actually looks like that KPMG prediction is well on its way to becoming true – but it shouldn’t.

Instead, there is a major chance to get ahead of the curve, for example –

Did you know that 90% of customers use used car dealerships websites to make a purchasing decision?

But no ones capturing their data! What a huge market to miss out on.

In the UK alone there are over 45 million social media users in which 78% of them use Facebook and are just waiting to have your stock put in front of them.

But hardly anyone is targeting them let alone retargeting!

The numbers are facts – not made up fantasy and some car dealers have already made the transition are seeing results and have just future-proofed themselves.

Now, I know you’re smart and can smell a sales pitch a mile off, but you also know I have to say something about what we do right?

The simple fact of the used car industry (and pretty much all business) is that leads are king and that is something we do for the automotive sector by three methods – Facebook Advertising, Email, and Journalism.

It works too – read some of our case studies below.

If you haven’t started to adapt yet, then let’s talk because like it or not the used car landscape is changing rapidly every day.

From bringing new customers to regular communication to existing ones – our RAMP program is ensuring you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope.

So, please do one thing today and read our RAMP guide and let’s have a chat to discuss how we will generate you an overwhelmingly positive ROI before the above has a chance to happen.

Whatever your budget – we will make it work!

Chat soon!

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