To many, the Honda Civic is a solid, reliable, attractive, and relatively cost-effective alternative to say the Ford Focus or the Vauxhall Astra and perfect for family day to day duties.

However, to those in the know, the Honda Civic is a car steep in history and full of successful (and failed) attempts at breaking new ground in building an iconic family vehicle.

Where it all Began

The seventies were decade packed to the rafters of cars we now drool over at classic car shows.

The Ford Cortina is a prime example of Ford’s ruggedness on the British market and was actually the top-selling car throughout the decade shifting over 1.4 million units on British soil.

Some of the greatest ever Supercars made their name during the 70’s with Lotus’ supreme Esprit landing for the first time, Lamborghini’s Countach seeing its birth as well as the beautiful and much sought-after World Rally dominant Lancia Stratos seeing the light of day.

What is not quite so well known is in 1973, a Japanese manufacturer better known for its motorbikes than its cars released it first edition Civic.

We all know now that the car would go on to be a huge hit, but at the time it was something of a risk for Honda who had an avid bike following but was yet to crack the mass car market.

However, that changed when the Civic debuted as somehow Honda managed to absolutely nail the small car market with their 1,169cc four-cylinder engine which powered the first edition Civic.

Honda Civic

(First Generation Civic)

Few expected the Civic to perform so well but with a brutally honest slogan of “It will get you where you’re going” and a price point of $2200, meant that honesty resonated with the consumer and ensured Honda had its foothold in the mass car market.


This success promoted Honda to release its second edition Civic in 1980 and a sleeker body and two new engine options with a 1.3 and a 1.5 litre.

The 1.5 litre boasted a number of the latest luxury features such as a rear window defroster, intermittent wipers, and a cigar lighter (quite the luxury in 1980).

It was the fourth generation Civic (released in 1987) that turned the Civic into more of a sporty hatchback as opposed to a family run around and the CRX Si model has become something of a collector’s item among car enthusiasts.

Since then, a further six generations have been added to the Civic range including revolutionary eighth generation which received much acclaim for its front end looks with a longer headlight base front.

Now in its tenth generation, the Honda Civic has been the backbone product Honda have relied upon for over 40 years.


It is not just on the day to day roads that the Civic has excelled.

The car has been a regular fixture on the track, most notably in the British Tour Car Championship and has now earned itself it’s very own race series in the UK, The CIVIC Cup.

Civic Cup

(Civic Cup in action at Snetterton)

The competition debuted in 2011 with just six cars on the grid but has since grown to average field sizes of up to 36 cars proving the car’s race pedigree as well as road reliability.

360 Tour

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