They say motorsport is an expensive game and in most cases whoever ‘they are’ are not wrong.

Formula One teams think nothing of spending upwards of $60,000 on a steering wheel alone (about four times the value of my car!) and that expensive mindset filters its way down through the racing divisions.

For example, those who fancied a crack at the 2017 British GT series had to pay over £22.000 to enter at GT3 level as well as additional costs of €450 per tyre.

And that is before you’ve even got hold of a car and a team!

The costs were easily exceeding six figures and the stipulations are plenty.

Many series price those looking to break into the sport out of the equation and it becomes nigh on impossible to make the grade from karting to car racing without significant backing.

For anyone wanting to give motorsport a go, the closest you were ever likely to get is a track day.


But not anymore.


From 2019, Motorsport Vision Trackdays will have a new endurance series the EnduroKA featuring 1.3litre Ford KA’s with the series set to light up grassroots motorsport for all.



For fun, affordable racing there is nothing better and we were invited along for the ride…….


Monday 24th September 2018 EnduroKA Press Day: Brand Hatch


My colleague Leon and I turn up at 7 am to Brands Hatch on a chilly September Monday morning eager to get into driver briefing and into the garage to witness the fully spec’d out KA’s.

When we bump into our good friends at Moore’s Motorsport we are greeted by a shiny stickered up red KA pumped and primed for action.




In the garage next to us is an eye-catching pink KA and the garage over the chaps from Graves Motorsport in their white and orange KA adding to the colour of the series.


Time to Drive


The talking is over and now it is time to take the KA out for a spin.

Sat in the drivers seat I am comfortable in my surroundings and eager to get the car on track, sat next to me is Nick Jackson who works at Mercedes Benz World as an AMG driver and part of the Moores Motorsport team, so I have plenty to prove but could not have a better coach in the cockpit with me.

Out on the track, the car’s 1.3-litre engine is fast out of the block and down the hill grips the corner harder than I thought a KA possibly could.

As I enter Druids I hug the inside line tightly and get on the power quickly and before I know it I am swinging the car over the curbs on the outside of Graham Hill Bend.




Safe to say I took the incorrect line and a little bounce over the curbs refocuses my mind quickly.

One lap down and I am amazed at the power I am able to generate on the main straight and the grip in the tyres round the tricky bends, now my mind is focused on the right lines and gaining as much speed as possible.

Before I know it, ten laps have flown by and I am called into the pits.

My impression, as I get out and reflect on my time in the car, is firstly one of respect.

When I first found out about Ford KA’s running around a race track I was a little sceptical and was not sure how a KA would be able to hold out on track, but the experience is thrilling, no holds barred, and the racing will be intense.


The Series


Never before has motorsport been so accessible whatever the budget and whether you are a seasoned pro or first-timer looking to break into a series, then the 2019 EnduroKA is something you must consider.

Five endurance races are planned for 2019 and participating is both affordable and easy to achieve largely thanks to organiser MSVT.

Take a Virtual Tour of one of the race cars to get a feeling of what it is really like to sit behind the wheel.

Check out for more.

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