When we started out in motorsport one thing was quite clear, everything seemed to be so damn expensive.

You name it, it costs a boatload of money which is why we wanted to bring our F1 Style Media to the Club Circuit live stream approach to the paddock.

Not only does is create incredibly engaging content allowing the teams, drivers, sponsors, fans and of course the series the exposure it deserves with live personable content, it also produces assets for all involved when seeking sponsorship and business opportunities.

MySuperCar Driver Program

It’s also bloody cheap starting at just £350 per race weekend meaning it is affordable for all series. Our model works on our own sponsorship acquisition which is why we can do it at that price which means we take the risk.

However, it worked and this year we will be trackside with at least ten race series in the UK providing hundreds of thousands of eyeballs onto the series we work with.

BUT…… enough about that

What is the Driver Program?

Now we are delighted to bring a similar approach only directly to the driver market designed to generate you the exposure you need to get you noticed by potential sponsors.

MySuperCar Driver program about info

You see, Live-streaming is only a small part of what we do, we are actually marketers and journo’s and with our network and content creating abilities have created a driver program that is designed to give you the content, marketing capabilities, and access you deserve in order to secure all-important sponsors and take your racing to the next level.

Having the right marketing and exposure channels is vital to what you want to achieve and that is why we created the Driver Program.

So, what does the Driver Program entail?

Well, glad you asked because each month we work with you to provide you and distribute your content through your channels and promote you through ours.

This is what we do for you: –

  • Consistent Social Media management – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Personalised race reports
  • Pre and post-race graphics
  • Live Stream coverage of you when we are at the same venue
  • Engaging bespoke video content
  • Press Releases and special announcements
  • Quarterly promotion through our email database of businesses
  • Weekly promotion through our Social Networks

Right then, the big question….. How much does it cost?

Well, it’s quite simple really, it’s just £100 per month.

Yep, that’s it, and you get all of the above marketing consistently month on month.

Piqued your interest? Then simply fill out your details below and I will send you the full Driver Program pack for you to have a peek. No commitment, just feel free to have a look!

In 2019, we changed the media game, in 2020, together we are going to own it.

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