No doubt you have been inundated with Christmas messages from all quarters this year thanking you for your custom, time, efforts, or just being a name on a mailing list.

Yep, blah blah blah they’re all pretty much of a muchness (that’s a lot of much’s – and there’s another one) so let me get it out of the way quickly and then we can get down to the important stuff of looking at cool race cars.

Thank you for your support in a truly game-changing year for us – it literally would not be possible without you and we cannot wait to do it all again in 2020 only BIGGER and BETTER!

Right, now that’s done, here are our top ten favourite images we have taken along our way in 2019.


Perhaps a little egotistical on my part, but this Armed Forces Race Challenge Pug has my name on its side. Plus it also says Pugoff and that in its own right is cool in my book.


We caught this great snap of Jeremy Banks’ Forty40 Racing car during the Cadwell Park encounter in the Gaz Shocks 116 Racer just as the sky started to darken.


The MSVT SuperCup has some superb team names and none more so Goblin Racing. We took this snap at Donington Park.


It was the calm before the storm at Donington Park in the F1000.


I love this photo from Cadwell Park in the height of summer as the EnduroKA’s blasted around in the longest ever car race at the Lincolnshire venue.


Looking mean and ready to take to the track! we took the chance to take this shot at Oulton Park just before we went live for the Civic Cup.


It was Christmas in….. July! As we celebrated a heatwave at Brands Hatch with the Fiesta Juniors during the filming of their taster day.


Taken on the same day as the above photo, this just goes to show how close to the action we got at Brands with the Fiesta Juniors.


A lovely shot of the EnduroKA’s just before they begin their six-hour Cadwell Park adventure.


My favourite photo of the year was taken at our last event of the year. As night time set, the lights of EnduroKA’s at Brand Hatch was truly mesmerising.

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