So, What is RAMP?

RAMP is the Responsive Automotive Marketing Program for automotive car sellers to take advantage of digital marketing capabilities as a lead generation, sales and ongoing communication tool with new and existing customers.

The Problem

In 2018, we conducted industry research to find out how car dealers market their stock.

We contacted over 120 dealers and although not all responded to us, the majority all advertised on Auto Trader.

Hardly breaking news, however, the majority advertised on the platform not because it always offered a positive return on investment, but rather because they felt like they had to because ‘everyone else is doing it.’

That got us thinking and after six months of testing the market, we came up with the Responsive Automotive Marketing Program.

How does it work?

Video, pay per click advertising, journalism and email marketing all combine to bring you the ultimate way to market your car and dealership.

We don’t want to stop what you are doing, just re-focus on your customer experience and adapt to the market.

Here is the nine-step process that we will handle absolutely every step: –

  • Profiling of website visitors to create custom audience
  • Create Video around the car/cars
  • Create article about car/cars and publish with video and photos
  • Run a targeted lead generation Facebook advert embedded with qualifying questions
  • Create weekly email newsletter about the car/cars with video and photos inside, with call to actions and track analytics
  • List car on MySuperCar
  • We send leads to you
  • Create analytic reports show casing cost per lead, impressions, read rates, and ROI.

 “After carrying out extensive research with car dealers throughout the summer of 2018, one thing became clear.

Everyone was looking for better ways of generating sales leads for their business and getting better return on investment for their marketing spend.

However, communication and marketing were often limited to just one platform that relied on traffic coming to them in a hugely over populated sector that was often based solely on price, rather than proactively reaching out to a targeted audience to generate leads.

In fact, from our research, it appeared there was little to no lead generation at all and certainly no communication to a dealer’s own database.

So, after years of lead generation expertise and armed with automotive knowledge and research as a sport and motoring journalist, I set out a marketing plan that not only acts as a proactive targeted lead generator that finds people interested in buying your cars, it acts as an ongoing marketing communication method with new and existing customers to help unlock referrals and upsell other products.

Thus, the Responsive Automotive Marketing Program (RAMP) was born.”

Ian Waterhouse – Founder of RAMP

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