For the second time this season, MySuperCar provided behind the scenes live coverage at one of Britain’s most iconic race tracks: Oulton Park.

This time we were providing the coverage of rounds three and four of the 2019 Disklok Civic Cup.

The popular series sees large grids (26 at Oulton Park) and ever since 2011 has proven to be one of the most action packed, intense race series on the calendar.

We are now delighted to reveal the viewing figures from the day’s live streaming which was conducted through the Civic Cup’s Facebook page…

Disklok Civic Cup viewing figures

As you can see from the numbers, over eight thousand people watched the action live with nearly 20,000 people coming into contact with the Civic Cup brand throughout the day.

Even more impressively is that over two thousand two hundred people made a direct action with the live-stream content such as likes, comments, shares, link clicks, profile visits, etc proving the coverage was an overriding success.

After the event, we also produced an analytic report for the Disklok Civic Cup, unique write up about the day’s action – including Qualifying report and both race reports – and after-promotion of the series.

Disklok Civic Cup Oulton Park

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