I was poshing it up in Guildford the other day (although apparently ‘poshing’ isn’t even a word) when I witnessed one of the most heinous crimes I have ever witnessed…..

Driving down the hill towards me in the centre of town I spied a rather beautiful jet-black Ferrari F355.

Now, this is a car that first came to market in 94/95 and coincided with my tenth birthday – just when I was most susceptible to influence.

I was already smitten with Ferrari thanks to the F40 which was released in 1987 and when I saw Jeremy Clarkson sink into the F355 cockpit on the old-style Top Gear over 20 years ago, it was safe to say I was mesmerized by the prancing horse once again.

Ferrari F40

After all, what’s not to love about a car that was designed by Pininfarina with a 3.5 L V8 tucked under the bonnet capable of a top speed of 183mph (according to Ferrari anyway)?

….. But anyway, back to crime, the gentleman driving the car (although after this calling him a gentleman is being far too generous) was puffing a cigarette!

Not one of those E-cigs either but a full-blown proper cigarette that used to be advertised on the side of Formula One cars.


Remember, there was ONLY ever 11,273 Ferrari F355’s produced and this imbecile is doing his best to ruin one of them.

Never have I been so disgusted!

Absolute sacrilege.

Happy New Year everyone and if you own a Ferrari, please don’t smoke in it.

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