When I look at the race schedule I always think – no need to panic plenty of time!

As Leon and I were casually gearing up ready to go live for the MSVT SuperCup race, I was delighted that we had left plenty of time to get ourselves ready with no panic.

After all, the race BEFORE the SuperCup were still in the assembly area and going nowhere – literally.

However, then I heard Chris Dawes on commentary saying it looks like the SuperCup will go out BEFORE the Saloons!

WTF!! This isn’t part of my plan.

Cue a mad rush to grab the microphone and leg up to the assembly area before going live for a few interviews before legging it back to the pit straight ready to see everyone off! Whew, talk about being out of breath!

Donington SuperCup

You see, the reason for the changes was an oil spill earlier in the day (not by the SuperCup I hasten to add) pushing the full days schedule back.

As if that was not enough, a downpour early afternoon left the track sodden and a red flag later in the GT Cup Championship race meant even further delays and treacherous conditions.

However, the hardy folks at the MSVT said ‘We’ll go racing’ and out we eventually went about an hour and a half later than we were supposed to.

One thing the weather didn’t do though is dampen any of the spirits of the teams involved – and what an awesome bunch of teams involved!

It was smiles all round every time I appeared with the camera and I couldn’t help but get excited about some of the team names on offer.

For example, Team B’Stard in the VW Scirocco were a particular favourite of mine even though saying it live provided its own challenges. Then there was Team Bacon Butty (I didn’t get one though) and Mangoes racing run by Darren Goes, who is a man (hence the name – brilliant).

Anyway, back to the track action and Michael Pensavalle led the field away behind the safety car after sticking his BMW M3 on pole earlier in the day with 1:30.152 (Another awesome team name – Team Meanest).

Darren Goes in his Seat EuroCup made some early progress before it all went down at Mcleans as the B’Stard Scirocco made contact with Hugh Gurney’s JK Motorsport BMW M3 and off they both went.

The race requires a mandatory pitstop and as the safety car came out, in came AutoRevive London with David Gardner and Chris Mills taking their turn behind the wheel. Kester Cook in his Bigskidz Racing Ford Fiesta came into the pits too but on autopilot rather than as a requirement and just went all the way through!

Unfortunately for AutoRevive, they had come in 20 seconds ahead of the pit window and were given a penalty.

Then, once they had served this penalty, they sped out of the pitlane breaking the speed limit and were handed another penalty!

Whilst all this was going on, the pitstops were keeping us busy and the lead if the race changed many times with Jordan and Ray Honeybone enjoying a stint in the lead in their Apple Car Centre Renault Clio and Callum Noble in his Thorney Motorsport BMW M3 running well throughout.

Callum Noble Thorney Motorsport

We even had time to catch up with the F&G Racing Porsche Boxster of Fernando Getino and Gary Martin as they continue to prep the car ahead of next season.

Gary Burstow held the lead when he appeared for his mandatory pitstop and the two Goblin Racing cars of Martyn and Barrie Culley were making fine progress in their pair of Seat Leon Cupra R.

Once the pitstop dust had settled, somehow David Gardner and Chris Mills somehow appeared out in front despite having visited the pits three times with Darren Goes in second and Alex Tait in his Finsport Chequered Images Renault Clio class B car in third.

MSVT SuperCup
Alex Tait

That was how it finished after nearly 45 minutes of me trying to understand what the hell was going on!

A thrilling qualifying, a stunning race and plenty of laughs in the pitlane ensued throughout the day.

A special mention goes to David Graves who made a brief appearance in his BMW 130i before deciding to rest the car, but it was a delight to congratulate him on the birth of his child!

On the way home, we even had time to bump into Darren Goes (not literally) on the M1 as he made his way home and after another Costa Coffee and memories we will treasure forever, another race meeting was complete!

Check out our highlights from the day right here…

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