One cannot argue that Audi was perhaps a little late to the party with their RS cars than say BMW with their iconic series of M cars or Mercedes with their whopping great AMG’s.

However, the saying better late than never could not be more appropriate here and quite frankly, it was worth it.

To truly understand the history of the RS, you have to go much further back in time, first to the 1980’s and then 1994 when the S2 was the first RS version brought out.




Audi’s rallying and racing heritage play a vital role here and in the 1980’s Audi founded Quattro GmbH.

The original Audi Quattro made its debut at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show and in 1981 and 1984 the Quattro dominated the World Rally Championship with the legendary Stig Blomqvist at the wheel in 1984.

Audi RS5 Quattro MySuperCar

(Audi Quattro)

The Audi Quattro ran production from 1980 to 1991 and established Audi as one of the most sought after, and tasteful manufacturers on the market.

Then RS came into existence bred from the S models as an evolution of the Quattro and means RennSport which translates into ‘Racing Sport’ and is Audi’s top-tier trim level for their cars.

Much the same as the M-series of BMW and AMG of Mercedes.

The 1994 Audi RS2 Avant was the first major RS break through and despite essentially being an estate and a revamped Audi 80, benefitted from collaboration from Porsche thanks to suspension and brakes from the sports car manufacturer.

Over the next couple of decades, Audi moved into the more luxurious and powerful saloon, coupe, and hatchback RS versions whilst continuing the Estate traditions of its RS range.


Audi RS5


One of the most complete offerings in the RS range today is the remarkable Audi RS5.

Decked to the nines with all the latest high-tech and luxury specs as well as a powerful 4.2 Litre petrol V8, the RS5 has become a serious competitor to the BMW M5 and is favoured by many over its German counterpart.

Watch a video of an Audi RS5 4.2 FSI S Tronic Quattro 3dr below and buy this car on Autotrader here.

(Check out the full specs of this car HERE).

In 2018, the Audi RS range continues to go from strength to strength with no more than seven RS models on sale today.

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