1936 was a big year in the history of American car giant Chevrolet.

Founded in 1911, Chevy has become a staple on the highways of the US for over 100 years.

But it is their never-ending battle with fellow giant Ford that has been the subject of many discussion over the years.

During the 1930’s, the two were at loggerheads when Chevrolet pulled the masterstroke of releasing their iconic Master range of cars.

These came in the format of a number of models such as the Town Classic Sedan (picture below), Standard and Master DeLuxe.

This boosted sales by up to 70% in 1936 over the previous year for Chevy and put them back ahead of their rivals in terms of sales for that year.


1936 Chevrolet Master Town Classic Sedan

To our knowledge, there is but one Master Town Classic Sedan in the UK and we at MySuperCar were lucky enough to have been allowed to film the car by the owner Dave, as well as create a 360 Virtual Tour of the vehicle.


Chevrolet Master Town Classic Sedan mysupercar.co.uk


But before you do, you may want to read the story about this specific car and why sitting in the passenger seat may leave you feeling a little queasy.


Gruesome Murder

The original owner of the car, unfortunately, did not own it for very long.

Soon after purchasing the car in Chicago in 1936, the owner was sat in his shiny pride and joy when he was shot dead in the driver’s seat (now the passenger seat after conversion to right-hand drive) by someone he had clearly upset.


Chevrolet Master Town Classic Sedan mysupercar.co.uk


Immediately afterward, the police took the car for forensics (and to give it a thorough clean) and after a period of time invited the family of the deceased to come and claim the car.

Understandably, the family was none too keen to take ownership of the vehicle and for a number of years, this 1936 Chevrolet Master Town Classic Sedan sat idle in a police compound.



From there, it was eventually picked up by a collector who completely stripped the car down to its bare bones and rebuilt it completely after which Dave stepped in to purchase the vehicle.


From Old to New

From its origins of a 79 horsepower six-cylinder Engine, this particular model now boasts a GM ZZ4 350 crate engine with a whopping 355 horsepower but thanks to its electronic fuel injection system actually now pull 380 horses.

The rebuild cost in the region of £70,000-80,000 and beside the engine, also received brand new suspension, gearbox, Brakes, and new bespoke interior complimenting the beautiful chrome design and the succulent 13-inch steering wheel as well as custom-made allow wheels.


Chevrolet Master Town Classic Sedan mysupercar.co.uk


The project took around three years to complete with the car registered as a Classic in the UK.

With less than 7000 miles on the clock of the new engine, Dave the current owner is happily enjoying his Chevy and the car these days can be viewed at numerous classic car shows in the South East.

Take the 360 Virtual Tour of this iconic Chevrolet Master Town Classic Sedan below.

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