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Bored? Got some time to kill on the daily commute? Or looking for another way to get your daily fix of all thing’s cars?

Then check out our rundown of five of the best FREE car games on Android to keep you behind the wheel at the touch of a button.

Demolition Derby 2

Admittedly, there is a Demolition Derby 3, but having played it, I found the controls poor and the gameplay not a patch on the second edition.

The cars are better in DD2 as well.

In total there are 56 cars to choose from and they are all real cars (naturally without the badges) – actually that’s a lie, there is a Forklift Truck, Santa’s Sleigh and a tank but that’s minor details.

You start off with a Mini but as you win races and demolition derbies you can exchange coins for cars ranging from a Bugatti Veyron, Pontiac Firebird, Ford GT40, Corvette Stingray (old style), Renault Clio, and even a Lorry.

Demolition Derby 2

With vast open world to drive around and plenty of racing action, we think Destruction Derby has it all for the car nut – and it’s free!

Stock Cars

Car Games Stock car racing

If you love driving round in circles, then you will love Stock Car racing.

As the name suggests, the game is an unofficial take on Nascar but it is rip-roaring fun.

There is a Championship to part in or you can do standalone races at venues such as the National 500 (Indianapolis) and fine-tune your car as you go along with a home screen not too dissimilar to that of the old school Gran Turismo.

Class events such as Super Trucks and Golden Era allow for a real taste of variety in the vehicles and the graphics second to none.

Stock Cars is a triumph to racing with, especially if turning left is your thing.

Bus Derby

Car games Bus Derby

Don’t ask me how I came across this game – I just know this… it’s brilliant!

Who would have thought racing a Double Decker around a figure of eight would be so much fun?

In total, there are about ten tracks (I haven’t unlocked them all yet) with a number of series in the way of difficulty levels.

Rookie is first up but there are about eight of these to work your way through.

You upgrade your buses as you go only and can purchase faster ones, but the depth of gameplay is superb.

car games bus derby
Seriously, driving buses is fun!

The handling is also some of the best ever and it is relatively easy to earn money and upgrade your buses.

Not strictly cars I know but trust me, you will want to download this.

Junkyard Tycoon

Car games Junkyard Tycoon

Not one of your traditional car games where you take to the streets or the track but one for the entrepreneurs of you.

You take charge of a junkyard (unsurprisingly) and are in charge of purchasing a stripping down cars and selling the parts on for a profit.

As you make more money, you can expand.

Car games junkyard tycoon

Sounds boring I know but it really isn’t and is incredibly therapeutic when make a hefty profit on a knackered out old engine. 

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

This is an open-world simulator with some of the best graphics you will ever see in a completely free game.

There are four elements to your world – City, Port, Off-Road and Airport but all four are interlinked.

There are a number of challenges which add to the depth of the game such as time trial, drifting, and even parkour

The best bit though is the cars. 

Car games Ultimate driving

Normally with these car games, the car you are given to start with is nothing short of a pile of shit.

Not here though, your starter car is a Lamborghini!


The Trailer Parts Outlet - Halloween Coupon HALLOWEEN5 5% OFF

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