Motorsport Media

“Life is not a rehearsal

It’s happening right now, so capture it” 

– MySuperCar – Live Stream Media partner of the 2019 EnduroKA Series

Here are some questions for you:

What do you do to make your series stand out from the crowd?

What do your teams actually gain through your current media package?

How many people did your series reach through media last season?

How many people watched your series via digital and/or TV media?

How many people engaged interacted with series via your media?

How much does it cost you?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions… then it’s time to change what you are doing and start getting measurable results and a viewership you never thought possible without breaking the bank.

How on earth do you do that?

It’s simple…

Live stream broadcast in the heart of the action with MySuperCar.

We capture the action LIVE!

No script, just real-life engagement with teams, drivers, sponsors, and live on-track action to reach a viewership unattainable through stand motorsport packages to bring to life your race series.

But it doesn’t just end when the cameras go off. In fact, it starts in the buildup to the race weekend.

Before the event

We take the time to get in touch with the teams, so we know about them before the series.

During Race Day

We will be there prior to qualifying (where possible) to conduct live broadcasts throughout the day capturing interviews with teams, drivers, and sponsors in a fun F1 style Ted’s Notebook format.

Watch the action here: – 

We will speak to all the teams happy to participate in the live-streaming as well as series organisers and conduct immediate after race driver interviews as soon as they have entered parc ferme and wrap the action up with call to actions.

After the event

Just because the cameras are off it doesn’t mean we go home and put our feet up!

We pull the footage and form a live-stream highlight reel and send the teams their own interview footage to use as they wish.

We then produce a viewer figure report and send to the teams to use as an asset when seeking sponsorship deals.

Sound good?

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of the teams have had to say about live-stream coverage and after service..

‘Being interviewed like that made me feel like a proper race car driver. So thank you’Petrol Ped – EnduroKa

‘Top work on the live stream by the way was awesome to watch and for others to keep track of what was going on! 🤘🙌’Club Racing UK 

‘Great Coverage over the weekend, something different to what we’ve seen before and well put together’Daniel Reason – Civic Cup

‘Great write up and awesome coverage. Top job guys!’Jason Ballantyne – Civic Cup

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